Hey, my name is Hanna! I am seventeen years old and currently finishing my last year of high school. I am from Vancouver, Canada and moving to New York to follow my passions within media and the arts. I am a goofy, awkward and ambitious girl who loves to write, go on adventures, and dream. I want to not only capture my story as I make a big transition with my life, but also use this experience to show that you are capable of reaching your own dreams.

Finding yourself is a process, and growing up is a whole new experience along with finding your identity outside of others opinions. My blog is a free place you can contact me directly for advice or ideas just by clicking on the contribute page 

As a young artistic individual who is a natural introvert, I want to share stories and grow a relationship with you through my writing and social media. With all of this in mind, I can’t wait to share tips, ideas, and stories that can help bring you out of your shell and out into the real world.

For daily updates and to follow my daily life-

Instagram- follow @hanna.darlene

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Look forward to growing with you!


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