Hanna Huguet; 16 years old born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Raised in a family full of dancers and performers. Very influenced by the arts. From age two, she has been fully amerced in the performing arts, with piano lessons, countless dance performances, competitions, and examinations. The stage became a home, a place in which it continually inspires to investigate in her individuality and multifaceted artistry. Training in RAD ballet, contemporary, modern, point work, and jazz was just the start of it. By 2013, she started to explore other artistic practices such as circus and character building. Finding this to be another art form to incorporate the pre-existing knowledge of body movement while pushing boundaries.


“When the opportunity to audition for Premiere presented itself I knew I wanted to be a part of the performing arts, a place to explore a passion for performance through a company working with young talent.” Stepping into the audition room brought a new side she was able to release. Moving through the callbacks a new goal was placed in the for front, then excitement grew for months preparing for the Premiere Program


After this great experience, it was an honor to be asked to be an ambassador for the company and get the opportunity to work with more people in the acting community who also have a similar passion. Not only was the acting experience significant, but the environment, and family you get welcomed into as well. After the program continued with the momentum of working towards her new clear dream. Recently signed with a local Vancouver agent with ties to LA, new goals. “Every day I continue to work towards where I know I was placed to be and the world I was meant to be a part of. Being surrounded by art, and discovering something greater that wasn’t seen before


Outside of the performing arts community, Hanna finds herself continuously finding art as the foundation to all. Both with developing her writing as she has fallen for poetry. Along side with poetry, she has started her own book filled with poetry and different levels of art to pull experiences and life together. Poems that most young adults could relate to. Aside from this, everyday art is incorporated into Hanna’s life, writing, acting, dancing and drawing included. Shaping Hanna to be the person she is now.

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