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Here we are, day three and the question is simple, “where do you hope to live?” Growing up I have traveled the globe and have explored and experienced other cultures. At an early age, I knew I would not be staying in Canada, there were too many places in the world, for me to just settle in one place.

For a number of years, I have leaned towards living in Europe, preferably southern France in an old cottage placed next to a little village where I could spend my days cooking, writing, reading and living the simple life. Well, I have grown up and times have most definitely changed.

As i am graduating this year and have started to put future plans together, the location of my dreams has shifted to New York. I know I will be a part of the constantly growing city and live in the beautiful chaos. I can’t wait to be a part of a busy environment where I can continue to grow as a writer and performer in the arts. With inspiration all around and the constant movement of the city, it will be the perfect place for me to grow artistically and become the person I know I’m capable of being.

As this was a bit of a shorter response I decided to add a few photos from a couple of the trips I have been over my life. These are just a few locations of my many destinations!


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In the future I…

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Welcome to day two of my January Writing Challenge. Today’s question is “Where would you like to be in five years.” What a heavy question, but as I thought about what I would write, I couldn’t help but feel scared and self-cautious. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but as I graduate this year and have recently applied to schools where I hope to carry out my future, I have many dreams that motivate me to keep moving forward, even if I don’t know what direction I am going.

In five years, I see myself graduating from university or with a degree in a field of work/study that I am passionate about. For me I have been raised in the arts, performing has always been a part of me. But over the recent years, I have also grown an interest in media, as well as writing.

I would like to give a straight answer as to where I see myself in five years, but if I am completely honest, the dreams I have now could morph into new realities. Who knows, maybe I will be successful in writing and my blog could really take off into something extraordinary, perhaps I will start my own business, or I will become an artist in performance and create multiple variations of stories captured through dance.

Aside from these little comments and hopes of mine, I do know I will be living and growing in a new city, I will without a doubt be with the love of my life, and I will be open to new opportunities and chances that come my way. This post may be a little shorter than anticipated, but I truly feel that there is no right answer for “five years down the road” as I have many dreams and goals I would like to pursue. For now, I am just taking it all one step at a time. And whether you are in high school still or graduating, know that no matter what, everything will be okay. We don’t have to be definite in our plans or have a career in place but I find what we do need is to stop doubting our stories. We all have a different path ahead of us, and in this day and age, it’s so easy to start comparing ourselves to others, so much to the point we give up or feel lost. But this year I just keep reminding myself, that everything will be okay, and it will.

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Happy new years to everyone, today is January 1st, 2018. This month I have decided to try out a month-long writing challenge. I have 31 days’ worth of topics and questions, and each day I will be posting something new. I hope you enjoy this month of reading and that we can step into the new year together!

To kick off the first day, the topic is “My Current Relationship.” Well sit back and relax because this will be something I could talk about for days.

Now I have to be honest right from the start, I guess you could say I am in a relationship but also, I’m not. Bear with me as I get quite awkward and nervous when talking about someone I love, especially as I know they will be reading this, but hey! “Let’s make January a month of just saying things” (quote by him). 😉

Here we go! June 2017, I followed one of those big quote accounts, and never pay much attention to them, until one night. This boy who seemed similar in age posted on his quote account and put up his snapchat and in this brief moment of confidence I decided, why not and added him. For a couple days, I didn’t think much of it, I didn’t want to seem like a crazy fan girl or just another person. If I am to talk to someone, I want to leave an impression even if it’s simple and kind. The day before my math exam, the last exam before summer, I decided to pull up my phone and wish him a great summer. I mean he seemed like someone I just had to get to know or at least just say hi. To my surprised he replied!

We were both at similar times in our lives, we were both going into senior year and things weren’t exactly looking up for either of us. We eventually began talking ever so slightly, until one evening when I hit a low. Ever so late into the night, with a time difference of 3 hours he called to make sure I was okay. This was surprising to me, to be fair nobody has felt that strongly about checking up on me.

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That night we talked for hours, and it was the first time I had ever been able to be myself that quickly around someone. He and I laughed at the same jokes nobody ever understood or found funny, we started to share music, talked about our favourite foods (pickles ofcourse), the best christmas hallmark movies, along with talking about poetry endlessly. “It’s like that one quote…” he would say at least five times a night. We quickly became friends and facetiming each night became a routine.

A couple months pasts, and I must say by then I had caught feelings. In my mind I though how could this be happening, this is just going to hurt in the end, but one night on August ninth we shared three words that filled my heart.

Now I’m not going to go completely into everything or else you’d be reading a 10 page essay, but let me get this straight, from day one I knew this boy would be someone special. There has always been this piece of him that is captivating and intriguing, unlike others, he was the first real person I’ve ever talked too. His thoughts are authentic, the way he talked about things were so honest and true. There was a connection between us, something I never have and will find with someone else.

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Moving along, 6 months later and my love for him has continued to grow day by day. He is my best friend and holds my heart. I love him more than I can verbally express. It is January, and I have already applied to universities in the city where I intend to carry out my future with him. We have 6 more months to go until we are graduated and set free.

Call me crazy, but one day you will see our life unfold together. He has taught me what real love and friendship is, we share values and know eachothers worth, and we continue to excel in our communication. So back to the first question, “describe my relationship.” Well my heart is taken by a boy who lives 2,987.5 miles away from me, and we are stronger than ever, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. I must say, I am so thankful I wished him a great summer, but I am even more thankful he responded!

Happy New Year’s!

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