traveling & future locations

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Here we are, day three and the question is simple, “where do you hope to live?” Growing up I have traveled the globe and have explored and experienced other cultures. At an early age, I knew I would not be staying in Canada, there were too many places in the world, for me to just settle in one place.

For a number of years, I have leaned towards living in Europe, preferably southern France in an old cottage placed next to a little village where I could spend my days cooking, writing, reading and living the simple life. Well, I have grown up and times have most definitely changed.

As i am graduating this year and have started to put future plans together, the location of my dreams has shifted to New York. I know I will be a part of the constantly growing city and live in the beautiful chaos. I can’t wait to be a part of a busy environment where I can continue to grow as a writer and performer in the arts. With inspiration all around and the constant movement of the city, it will be the perfect place for me to grow artistically and become the person I know I’m capable of being.

As this was a bit of a shorter response I decided to add a few photos from a couple of the trips I have been over my life. These are just a few locations of my many destinations!



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