November Reads

Lately, I have fallen in love with tragic books that capture each moment and make me lose my breath. This November I read two books that caught my heart, both tragically involving the realistic outline of living with depression. Both books highlight the emotional chaos that comes with love and depression twisted together.


Now I don’t really want to give away the story or what it’s exactly about, but I wanted to write this for my readers who share the same joy of reading or heart crushing stories. These two I would 10/10 recommend as I read both in less than 24 hours. Page after page, I was drawn to the words and how they captured the ugliness and truth of depression and love so clearly.


The first book is “All the Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven. This book was written so incredible and kept my attention all the way through. Some of the words being so powerful I brought my highlighter into action as I didn’t want to let go of those quotes. I’m also incredibly excited about this book because it’s announced to become a movie with Elle Fanning playing one of the lead characters!

images.jpeg   tumblr_nrszeq2TAv1r8ghbpo1_500.jpg

The second I read is “My heart and other Black Holes” by Jasmine Warga. Now I thought nothing would be able to top my previous book, but this book met its match and became an equal win. The way two strangers came together through the most hurtful and tragic way, became one of the most beautiful love stories. This is definitely something you should consider to read!



I will continue to update you with all the books I read!

I love you all,



Hanna Huguet