your convenience​


Swaying in the night

Floating away during the day

Delicate in strands

Beauty of simplicity all ripped away

To make another’s wishes come true

Terror of day

I don’t know why

You need each limb of me

To be blown away for your own benefit?

I can’t continue in the storm

Of this feathered brokenness

Please just let me be

Or hold me softly

Don’t throw me away

All I ask for is safety

-I’m tired of being your dandelion

Choking Flowers


I know this girl

she has a rose eye

unable to see her unique self

delicate like a flower

and hidden behind her weaknesses

she wavered in the wind

as she continued to compare herself to others

she’s a rare rose unable to be found

therefor it’s hard to find another similar

beauty rips her apart

she begins to believe she’s a weed

misplaced by humanity

and broken by society

unwanted by all

alone she stays

“love me” she screams

no answers in reply to her cries

thorns grew on the rose

she became sharp

and put up a shield

nobody can touch her now

she will not be hurt

Not other soul may get the chance to enter her presence

incapable to be loved

she hid in the garden of forbidden dreams

unable to believe in hope for herself

no longer did she seek for sun or hope for rain

she hid in the shadow of the dust

as ashes of the burned suffocated her

she had no chance to show her bright tranquille body

her soft and coloured petals were never exposed

no longer did the rose tried

instead she died

the wilted body was thrown in the garbage

because who would keep something dead

in a living garden.



Students Skin


Our story begins

At a school filled with terror

Feeling was left in their ripped skin

Looking for answers

But all they found were errors


From dawn to dusk the secrets lie

Inside each mind the student alike another

Each voice was like a demons cry

The swift moment of bodies moving past makes you shudder


We think all is left is to die

But we have the dreams mended in our hearts

So each night on our pillows we cry

The consuming storm created a piece of art


So each morning we wake up and continue to breathe

Until we find the truth we seek underneath



Bleeding Poetry


My mind is blank

Unlike the canvas of our love

Staring at the piece we created

I’m unsure of the result

Colors swept across the page

Overlays of colors

And complicated senses

Damaged hearts

Created beautiful art

Though if breaking this way

Is the only way art is made?

No longer call me an artist

Because it’s not worth the pain

The tears we cried damp the paper

The written words of I love you

And the drawing of our names fade

All I see is a dark fog

I haven’t been in this place for months

Sometimes I feel this way for an hour

But its been days

This must filling my brain with dust

My body is something I terrorize

But I fight to give it love

The thoughts have began to grow

Taunting the way I feel

Overtaking the way I move

Each venom injection

That is released into my thumb

Makes its way through my veins

It carries me on

There is this gaping lack of emotion

A place I cannot feel

Where all of me is numb

But yet my tears still fall

The pain is substantial

But who you are to me grows beyond the trees

I’m scared this cut may not close

As I feel you so deeply

Each silent moment

The read messages and unanswered calls

Pushes me down the rabbit hole where I continue to fall

I don’t need help to be okay

But to be okay together has become my dream

To a sleepless night and a tear soaked pillow

I’ll continue to think of each night we talked

Each morning I woke up to your voice on my phone

Each laugh we shared

And the compassion we gathered

In all theses words of saying I love you

Through the lips of the pen

Poetry kisses the paper

Bleeding my love again


-Hanna Darlene